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The relationship between a mama and her doula is an intimate one, dependent upon connection and trust.

Please schedule a free consultation to determine if we'd be a good match! I am located in Alexandria, VA and am available to travel up to about 50 miles.

You can call me directly at 720.934.0697 or email me at Alternatively please fill out the contact form to the right to send me a direct message. 

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Emily Workman, Birth Doula

I am the mother of two deliciously adorable children - a sweet, sensitive 4 year old boy and a silly and precocious 2 year old girl. I am married to a wonderful man, Simon, who I fell fast and hard for as soon as I heard his British accent ten years ago! We relocated to northern Virginia from Colorado two years ago, having previously lived in England and New York City.


I received my birth doula training through DONA International and am passionate about providing support to women and their families from all walks of life. I recognize that there is a beautiful diversity amongst pregnant women, each with different hopes, expectations, and belief systems surrounding pregnancy and birth. I fervently believe that every woman, no matter if she has an un-medicated birth or a caesarean, at home or a hospital, can benefit from the encouraging, comforting and knowledgeable support that a doula offers.


For me, being a doula allows me to put my greatest strengths to use in a meaningful and incredibly rewarding way. I love to build connections with people. I love to know people deeply, to build trusting, honest, and deep relationships. Therefore, I laugh hard and cry intensely with my clients. I meet them wherever they are and offer support in a non-judgmental, trusting, and empowering way.


I also crave knowledge and am continuously building and developing the knowledge and skills required to be an effective support person to expectant and new mothers. I am well-trained but my training is always on-going.  


After trying to conceive naturally for a year, Simon and I went in search of answers and learned that our only chance at conception was through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). An infertility diagnosis is a devastating one, but we were lucky to find success in science. Our journey through infertility and then on through pregnancy, birth and postpartum always had me craving reassurance, support, empathy, and encouragement. I so wish I had known how a doula could have supported both me and Simon through what turned out to be a challenging birth and postpartum period. I am 100% convinced that things would have been dramatically different had we had a doula by our side. Through my work, I hope to minimize the number of women who miss out on this incredible opportunity.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Duke University and a master’s degree in comparative and international social policy from the University of York in England. I have spent years on a mission to help create equality in public education and have now also become a birth doula, certain I've found my true calling in life.

Education & Training

B.A. Psychology, Duke University

M.A. Comparative and International Social Policy

Rape Crisis Advocate, Blue Bench, Denver, CO

Birth Doula Training, DONA International 

Baby's Experience of Birth and Safe Transition, Karen Strange, CPM

Advanced Childbirth Education, Amy Bookwalter, Rosebud Doula Services

Peanut Ball Training, Amy Bookwalter, Rosebud Doula Services

Advanced Comfort Measures, Lisa Cook, RN, of the Cook Counter Pressure

Spinning Babies, Lorenza Holt

Peace of Mind: Working With Anxious Clients, Sheryl Aaron, LICSW