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As your doula, everything I do is with one goal in mind - to help you have a positive birth experience. I want you to always feel as though you are in the 'driver's seat' of your own labor and birth, even if it goes in unexpected directions. You  see, it turns out that it is less so the labor and birth itself than the way a woman is made to feel throughout, that affects her long-term satisfaction with the birth experience.


As your doula, I will be the only support person present throughout the entirety of your labor and birth, outside of a family member or friend. My focus will remain solely on you, providing you the type of support that you need in each moment. When a partner is an active participant, we work in harmony, as they are the one that deeply knows you, and I know birth.  

I offer four essential services:


1) Reassurance and encouragement. Having someone with you who truly knows birth can be incredibly comforting. I am there to remind you that the way you're feeling is normal, that you really can do this, even when it feels like you can't.


2) Physical supports/pain management. I guide you through countless positions and breathing techniques, I provide massage, counter pressure, and soothing touch.  And I suggest additional strategies that can be used to minimize discomforts.


3) Advocacy. While I am sure to never come between a medical provider and patient, nor do I offer medically-related recommendations, I slow down communications between provider and patient so that you assuredly remain well-informed, have all questions answered, and ample opportunity to consider options, before making decisions related to your care or the care of your newborn baby. I am also there to answer questions and help you better understand your options.


4) Breastfeeding support. I stay for 1-2 hours after delivery to help initiate breastfeeding when applicable. 

What is a prenatal visit?  


Occurring between 36-38 weeks, the main purpose of this 2hr visit is for us to get to know one another better. I will be joining you in one of the most intimate experiences of your life and it’s critical that you are able to fully relax with and trust in me. We will also:

  • Review your current and previous pregnancies (when applicable)

  • Discuss you and your partner’s ideal birth, focusing on what’s most important

  • Discuss any concerns/fears

  • Create a birth preference form

  • How to prepare for and manage early labor

  • When to call me and your medical provider, and when to go to hospital

  • What to take to the hospital



What is a postpartum visit?


Occurring between 4-12 days after birth, the purpose of this 1hr visit is to talk about your labor experience, receive breastfeeding support when applicable, check in about your physical, mental and emotional needs, and receive resources that may offer additional supports throughout the postpartum period.

1 prenatal visit

Unlimited phone support

On-call from 37-42 weeks

Home & hospital labor support

1 postpartum visit


Birth Only


45min birth preference review call

Unlimited phone support

On-call from 37-42 weeks

Home & hospital labor support


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